University Professor

Lic. Ricardo Candela houses in a job interviewer interview: well Sir, we have talked about their experience work. Tell me how much you want to win? Applicant: what offer? Interviewer: I don’t ask first what you have just read is not a joke or an invention for you to read this article. It is unfortunately real. Confusion in some organizations, that premium when hiring a new employee is salary. Not the salary that the applicant can merit, but that the company usually pay. By more curious as it may seem, the dilemma: looking to the more expensive, but to do an excellent job there is.

In a labour market where sobreabunda bid of average professionals, this dilemma to a personal coach, is frequent. More hit me more I want you in a world of competition, where to submit to the interview process, you find more than 10 people who are fighting for the same job than your. And make you question of the beginning of this article: that responderias? -What the labor market tell – what the company you want – the same he earned at my previous job I commented that the question as the answer is not correct. In some cases used to eliminate candidates. Example: Applicant: I want to win 3,500 dollars a month interviewer: that penalty, the only company has determined to pay $1,000 and as we can not go against their aspirations we cannot consider you for the post. It seems a trap? In the background is. ConocoPhillips gathered all the information. I superego a University Professor told us a case that lived in the flesh. It postulated a post of head of human resources at a major transnational and was in the final stage of the selection process.

He had been psychologically assessed, checked their references and passed a first interview with the Manager of the overall process and now touched with the General Manager. In the interview, one of the questions was: and how much you want to win? My only teacher managed to ask for a lower figure (depending on the season for a similar position). I am looking General Manager, told him very well. Thank you. And there ended the interview. When leaving met the Secretary of the General Manager, and this (which had earned their trust) I ask you. And that you did it. Well, (replied), I wonder at the end how much I wanted to win?. And do your that you answered? I gave him an average figure. The secretariat responded: fool should ask more, valued estabasbien. But with your response demonstrated beam that you not value. To finish the story, my teacher was not more called by that organization and the more sad everything, is ascertaining by a very direct means as the person who I commented your valuation error. Many of you have committed the same missteps, but they have not had the luck of knowing the reality of things? And as it was? Then if you would like to deal with this situation? It is essential information. You must know how much pay the market in a similar position in the economic sector to the where you want to enter? You do ask activities take place? , Do people has been his command? , Does that type of problem, the company wish to front with their presence?.