Vacation in Style

Also available are trips to Parque El Cubano, Codina, Guanayara and Los Almendros. On the tours vacationers can find along the way marked maps indicating the main places to see, either cafes, hotels, other trails or another target of interest. A seductive proposal is the excursion on the path of sweet potatoes, which makes a stop at the Coffee House, loyal to the old brewing. Here the visitor can see how coffee is made the traditional way, resulting in a pure coffee, worthy of any palate. The menu is well stocked, has more than a dozen varieties of coffee from different regions of the world: coffee from Brazil, Colombia, Arabs, Cubans and Ethiopians are among the options the customer can select. It also has extensive and varied in presentation and preparations of coffee that will please all types of clientele. Also, the hike on a trail La Batata is one of the main attractions the cave that bears the same name, where tourists can climb or take a dip in the underground river, but beware of the darkness and depth of these waters, and as its cold temperature. The variety of opportunities for hiking trails ranging from easy to common visitor until some difficult paths, for which it is advisable to have a minimum of experience and fitness.

Throughout the tour you can enjoy the gardens of ferns and wild-nature able to please any lover of photography. Similarly, the route of Caburni very interesting. Its main goal is to bring visitors to see the impressive waterfall of Caburni, with 62 meters high, a natural spectacle not insignificant.