85 Years Internationale Funkausstellung

Or what Angela Merkel and Albert Einstein have in common already in 1924 opened its doors in Berlin the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) for the first time. Pioneering spirit in television and radio broadcasting was announced 85 years later is almost nothing, as it once was. Plain and simple new technology that changed the lives of people by the way presented in the 1920s and 1930s. As the world’s first car radio at the fair was introduced in 1930 and 41 years later brought Philip and Grundig at IFA the first video tape recorder among the people. Today hold real innovation on the IFA in borders. Flat-screen TVs, digital cameras and laptops consume most of the space on the exhibition grounds.

Who would like to know as a consumer, what is the difference between the many offers, must already take a closer look and hope to get a competent reply by the exhibition team. The novelty value of the presented technique is not always guaranteed. While a manufacturer thus advertises its new Muvi micro DV camcorder at IFA to present, the first end of August to retailers to come, this is available already for several weeks in a German online gadget shop. So increasingly resembles a marketing event, the IFA as a technical innovation competition? It’s really high engineering rather than for treating 3 million mega pixels now 10 million mega pixels in a digital camera? Such a development seems to have already seen before Albert Einstein in 1930. And there is the commonality between Angela Merkel and Nobel Prize winner. Both once they opened the international radio exhibition, and two, is or was it the heart, to inspire the young people for technology as such.

Should all be ashamed, that regardless of the wonders of science and technology themselves and not more of them mentally recorded as the cow of the Botany of plants, with comfort eats., so Einstein. Also our Chancellor wished at the opening of the IFA last year, that young people have fun new technologies to develop. Benefit is one. Develop the other.