Poi Fire Show Faershou

Wat is poi? Yes it is very easy, you certainly ave seen tennis balls on cains or are so tempting to wirl and carm wit is presence. Yes, yes, yes it is – "poi" fairy ligts in te cains. And te fact tat occurs – is faersou action wit te presence of fire. Magic Sow, and te main participants in tis action poystery. Masters of Fire – tose people wo ave learned to control it. Faersou be different as well as inventory, owned poystery.

You can see a fascinating sow in wic Staaf, fans, eating, fireball and many more. How to make poi? If you are just learning, you sould start wit training. Te most optimal – it is stocngs or long socks stuffed wit buckweat or oter grains. Te advantage of eating: Bute does not urt. Does not move very quickly and you can see te details of te item tat you want to practice. Make tem simple enoug (Socks and cereal ave all =)). Te second stage – is figting te pri.

Wen you Teac te elements in te training, time to start a fire. Here we need martial poi. Tey make it muc more difficult but still possible. Need to use special material – it's asbestos or Kevlar. Asbestos is more accessible and ceaper but less durable. Of tese, minimize combat poi different formats and twist at your pleasure. Importantly observe safety and adequately relate to people loong at you.