Access Control Systems

With FlexTime RSDM system KG offers you the ideal solution for time recording and access control the FlexTime time attendance sets new standards in the time and access control. The time recording and access control is the basis for the capture of data in terms of time management. The quick and easy handling of the various organizational structures is important. There are many good reasons why the FlexTime Timetracking – is so important access control for your company! Especially in times of crisis, flexibility and profit savings mean more competitive. With the use of professional software of FlexTime, you simplify the monitoring of operations and staff. It is the ideal solution for management and production optimization. The most important at a glance: Simple installation and ease of use multilingual: can be used for all industries networkable modular extensible customization clearer structure Datentragerunabhangig manual correction option authorization concept The advantages are obvious.

Ever-changing staff, different working hours, different hourly rates and surcharges in enterprises with shift work, require a huge amount of time to the evaluate the time cards. In handwritten report, decoding is often impossible. So it is not surprising that cause errors in wage and hours accounting miscalculations and at the end of the year, several thousand euros costs the operation. Outstanding features are the simple organization of staff lists and various models of the time. Whether group day weeks or month time calendar. With FlexTime software at a glance is manageable, and everything can be captured at the same time. Ideally you can be extended. Why every company a FlexTime time and access control free pregnant employee time can be used more effectively Kostenersparniss more flexibility increased competitiveness through the Kostenersparniss more financial mobility will ensure more security with the use of FlexTime, time and access control create an enormous Optimierungspotenital for your company.

It is one of the most modern recording technologies and offers a powerful program that is surpassed only by a low-cost price/performance ratio. In addition, it protects sensitive areas, technical facilities, data and computer. It helps to check the visitors professionally and conduct and is the cornerstone for a successful date and scheduling. Because only a target-oriented management of time leads to success.