Munch System

For an optimal photovoltaic yield must be aligned correctly the solar system. A solar system is used in the photovoltaics, i.e. the conversion of solar energy into electricity. The orientation of the solar system should be always heading south. That does not mean that she must be mounted facing South. The orientation of the solar system brings no significant energy loss even at 30 degrees deviation from the South. The optimal alignment of the inclination of the solar system should be between 30 degrees and 50 degrees. This is important so that normal rain washing the dust off of the solar system, and in the winter the snow slipping off by itself.

Because otherwise threatens a shading E.g. through the dust. The solar system is less than this optimum alignment, maintenance costs due to cleaning. The angle is low, a higher energy yield, has a lower man while in the summer in the winter. Conversely, when you choose the angle greater than 50 degrees, one has but more energy profits, in the winter in the summer so less.

The inclination value fluctuations to compensate for a tracking of the solar system is offered, then she could be seasonal optimally aligned. This technology existed, she was too fragile. The optimal alignment of the solar system from the values differ, this can be compensated only by a larger area. Energy dissipation factors such as lower air heat or morning dew resulting in unfavorable locations, so a decision always taking into account the direction should be made. Almost at an advantage are flat roofs; on them solar systems can be optimally aligned, because they are (Kollekorflachen). Even ideal would be a right angle. There are such vertical solar walls as wall-integrated Variant. A solar system is correctly aligned, if 6 hours to get intense sunlight a day, no shadow has a prejudicial effect. Are are shaded in winter (E.g. through neighborhood development) same area and serves the solar space only the hot water, then this is Was to no great importance to measure the losses low. The supply of sunlight is already impossible in this time of year in our latitudes. You want to run but also the heater with the help of the solar system (Solarzellenunterstutzte heating system), then reverse shading risk plays a not inconsiderable role in winter.