Alexander Wild

Ten golden rules for You should put the golden goal Group on 60plus, because they do not see themselves as oldies. They care not for coffee trips they are deaf and blind. It is important to offer more services such as delivery and repair service, payment on invoice as well as a customer hotline for this target group. Because these experienced connoisseur of life at the best age to expect much for their money. To know you should invest in market research, the wishes of the best agers”. With the help of senior Scouts, companies can optimize their offer senior-friendly.

You should accept the Golden target group as opinion leaders. “You must provide solutions to current problems, because the life of the best Ager” concentrates on the here and now. For advertising, the right sympathetic choose on the most sympathetic, Ageless”people. The advertising should be ad-free”? Best results are obtained with reputable PR reports that have a high credibility. You should remain faithful to his own messages and not confuse the seniors, but on Put reliability and resistance. It is important that senior-friendly design is private – and reader-friendly design: for all ages. Alexander Wild, the speakers agency 5 star speaker represented, used the concept of barrier-free Web design”, including one understands the art website to make that everyone has access and can read, no matter what he brings.

Success with the common denominator of despite the great differences in the target 60plus it is possible to address relevant groups. For this it is necessary common denominator to find. “” “As an example of the Internet community are the common denominators of curiosity”, activity”and togetherness”: elder, who want to experience something gather here. The average age is about 60 years, the income of the average. Many maintain hobbies that they share with younger ones. Find compliance with the companies for their products or services, the success will arise soon.