Brenda Family

Bringing its experience and its management in a professional. Although I personally do not adequately address their problems, such as health. Ed also defends the utilitarian perspective a Obtengo benefits, therefore I am ", so will charge 40% of compensation, Sina share totalmentea because throughout the investigation, without certainty of winning the case, invest part of their heritage. Brenda She is the representation of obedience, management and efficiency in a totally rational organization, it is precisely the opposite of Erin, she is what is expected, the thinkable. No question the precise statement is presented in the film with a profile the professional who undertakes its tasks to the regulations established in the organization and perceived as an employee Erin unprofessional.

This profile, in my opinion is not negligible because it is very operational and effective, it is necessary but not sufficient. No emotional or motivational approaches to the company. This means a taxpayer. Family role (what is expected of it in the family): In spite of that we are located in 2000, of a mother is expected role as caretaker of the children, caretakers of the family organization, and its new partner. And if it is working to be able to reconcile family life with working life.

With all the professional and personal boundaries that involve all these tasks. However, their listening skills and empathy, take Erin to become personally involved in a complicated case. While not yet been well considered, or at work (where it is criticized by his own comrades, nor the family (his new girlfriend accuses her little dedication to their children.) Roles socio-historicism assigned functions biased toward the feminine and masculine, in the attempt to achieve a situation of equality and equity, which we conseguidoa women who work is twice responsibility: home / work, stirring up trouble for our professional development and staff with a resolution that often is not positive for our lives.