Gatti Egidio

With competent pre-processing of raw materials, which includes the long drying period, finished products show excellent performance – both aesthetic and functional. Of course, the use of quality raw materials such increase and assumes the cost of the doors, but lovers of the natural product of the array are willing to pay a decent amount for a spectacular result. Plants Flex, SJB Lualdi porte, Legnoform, Garofoli, Donini Nicolini, Gatti Egidio, Tre Piu and other have their customers and take good care of the quality of products, providing control at every stage of production. Custom-made doors Many of these plants work practice with clients from Russia who order the doors a certain size, decorated with exclusive materials. This practice has spread relatively long, as presented in the catalog models – just the standard options.

But those who build their own house, has some design ideas or simply willing to pay extra for finishing veneer rare woods, it makes sense to turn to a reliable manufacturer who cares about its reputation and brand. Terms of manufacturing doors in order depend on the conditions of a particular company and the complexity of the model, but on average they are 1.5-3 months. Exclusive doors are made according to individual orders, significantly different from the standard models available in warehouses in Russia. This looks and more expensive hardware, providing ease of closing the door leaf. This possibility of selection of moldings and other Jewelry items like the color of the existing house or apartment in steel or wooden items. This is the most unique, sought by people with good taste and a desire to make their homes truly original, stylish and comfortable. And manufacturers of Italian doors an excellent job on creating models that satisfy all the requirements of customers..