Medical beauty: medical and cosmetic work hand in hand for a strong immune system the winter our skin vigorously pushed to. Wind, cold and light make sure that the skin is more vulnerable. She needs additional care. This is not only a question of beauty and health. An intact skin protects our body against influences from outside.

Their defensive function is weakened, have an easy time bacteria or pollutants. Our greatest sensory organ with a size of around 1.6 to 1.8 square metres and up to twelve kilograms has many features: the skin receives the body temperature regulated the salt and water balance, ward off pathogens, protects against environmental influences, from cold, heat and mechanical injuries. With a good cosmetic treatment, the skin can be short-term support on their surface. How much skin is prepared to duration against the onslaught of outside influences, depends on our immune system. Nutrition, Fluid intake, exercise, and the supply of oxygen to decide how much the skin protects us from the inside. In addition to external factors, mental stress or diseases and drugs to tear permanent gaps in our defence barrier. In mild cases the skin is then dry, irritated or reddened and there is a feeling of tension.

Much more severe consequences of a weakened skin are atopic dermatitis, rashes, acne, psoriasis (psoriasis), or visible vasodilation (Teleangiestasie). At the latest, it is high time, to search for the causes of the skin condition. Here comes the medicine in the game. For example, it can be is a pulse-tongue diagnosis according to the rules of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) accurately and quickly bring the reasons for skin problems on the track. As in all naturopathic brings the TCM not only the causes of existing diseases at the light of day, but also energy blockages in organs, the still are not noticeable, but draw attention on emerging diseases.