Compact plants or Hi-Fi are devices that are used to the sound of music rooms. Compact plants or Hi-Fi are devices that are used to the sound of music rooms. Meanwhile, there are compact units in all sizes, shapes and price categories. Each customer should find the right model for their needs. As a precursor of the compact equipment is one of the music box from the 1950s. At that time, a record player, radio and even home tape recorder and receiver in a single housing was built. At that time, the sound was only monotonous and not stereo as it is today. Only in 1958, stereo recordings were sold.

Only in the 60s and 70s, compact systems have been developed as we know it today. A stereo system consists of a source, amplifier, and speaker component. The source components read out while the amplifier components enhance the analog signal and, if necessary, change the analog or digital signal. Speaker components have the task to convert the electrical signal into sound. The plant is one of the many types of stereos and combines all functions in a single user interface.

Modern facilities offer many features such as integrated CD and cassette player, USB port, and sometimes media streaming via W-LAN. Thanks to the compact dimensions find the plants mostly in the shelf space. JVC, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, sharp, Denon and Yamaha is one of the best known make. All manufacturers offer compact systems for different needs and budgets. The price starts at 30 euros for a small kitchen compact plant and can grow to over 1,000 euros. Of course the customer must consider before buying what he needs the conditioning. Should she have the wife in the kitchen while cooking, you must spend not necessarily more than 100 euros. Therefore you should weigh in advance, which functions the system must necessarily contain and how much you want to spend. Today’s compact systems almost all offer a USB port, the man portable devices such as MP3 players and external hard disks can be connected. Who likes to wirelessly enjoys his music, which should pay attention to a W-LAN module, so music can be conveniently from your PC to the system stream. Unique pencil