Drilling Technology

Castles Castles of drill pipe to drill trubprednaznacheny to connect drill pipes in order to obtain the installation size you need. Our company manufactures and markets mining Screw-on locks for drilling pipes. They are executed in strict accordance with existing regulations and provide a reliable joint components of the drill string. We offer all the locks used sizes. Our locks to allow the drill pipe to collect drilling equipment suitable for use in all climates and in all geological conditions. The castle itself drill pipe is coupling and nipple.

Nipple attached to one end of the pipe and sleeve with a conical thread – the other, which provides a durable and leakproof joint of drill pipe. Locks are made of hardened steel and are specially hardening, which significantly increases their strength properties and increases their durability, which is of great importance for the reliable operation of the entire drilling device. Increase endurance drill string. Failures drillstring divided into two groups: sudden and iznosovye. To include the sudden failure resulting in breakage of the drill string during drilling. Most often this occurs as a result of fatigue damage on threaded drill pipe, pulling one from the other parts of the column due to fatigue themselves permission of thread turns in conjunction with the tube lock drill pipe or coupling. Much rarer in the sudden failure result of fatigue failure of the hinge groove joints or broken locks and drill pipe to pipe thread, as well as corrosion fatigue and brittle failure of drill pipe, couplings and lock for drill pipe.