What new features convince manufacturers when buying a stereo system there are some note. The most important criterion is the sound quality of the model. Angel point are the speakers, amplifier and wattage are less important. Usually the purchase depends but also personal taste. Not everyone knows with sensor boxes to go around and some more emphasis on simple and comfortable operation.

The first course often leads to retail stores or department stores. Searching on a Hi-Fi dealer who advises well and can listen in peace is but not less advisable. The online Department store reported the latest developments in the market of the stereos. In contrast to earlier things changed solely by the appearance of the compact systems. The models were still characterized by massive boxes and shiny buttons, in the 1980s and 1990s feature modern equipment with cool elegance and simple simplicity. Although the sales figures with the advent of home theater systems and iPod docking stations decreased annually are, as before, found a large purchaser.

The target group uses the stereos often as a second model for living, working, or bedroom. And the technique has developed always in over the years. The manufacturers have provided their compact plants with numerous extras. So are DVD drive, HDMI port, USB and iPod – connections, as well as Internet radio reception to most plants. Stiftung Warentest, the hi-fi system cut craft Yamaha series piano very well. But the purchase of a model from Denon, Panasonic, Philips and Sony was recommended. More information: press / Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH