Dry Eye Air Conditioning Systems

The air from air conditioning systems, some think it makes the eyes quickly to create; dry eyes scrape, burn and itch the air from air conditioning systems, some think makes it fast to create the eyes; dry eye scratch, burn and itch. But what is an air conditioning? There are different types of air conditioners. In Germany refers to a system with the in a room temperature, humidity and air quality can be generated and kept under air conditioning. Abroad is a simple space cooling (air conditioning) air conditioning often. The most obvious difference is probably between central air conditioners and decentralised air-conditioning. With central air conditioning, the air treatment in a central air unit and a central air unit is performed. With decentralised air conditioning air treatment runs from a single device directly into any room. Regardless of the sky orientation of the building is the fresh air room sucked over the facade and room exhaust air room from the facade to the outside.

Decentralized Air conditioners are obviously easier in old buildings can be retrofitted, but have the problems that the air must be recorded partly on facades heated by the Sun and the air of a unit is “Fresh air” the next. Also, there are for example, air/water systems and air only air conditioners. Air/water systems use to cover the transmission of heat and cooling waterborne sub-surface and surface cooling systems such as heating and cooling ceilings. Only the treatment (air pumps, filtration, heating/cooling, humidification and dehumidification) outdoor air provided by the air conditioner. Only air conditioners do the the outdoor air complete air treatment.

Not the air conditioning itself, which in the hot zones of the world and also in our widths at all in the summer no productive work would be possible without the problem, however. The problem is that the air conditioners often not enough moisten the air. Often, the humidity is only 25 percent, rather than the average recommended 50% or more. What to do if you work in a place where the air must be kept dry, such as in a library, where the precious books must be protected from mold? Or if the boss refuses to set the humidity higher? Or if the building owner want to not invest in ordinary air conditioning? In such cases, such as artificial tears eye drops help reliably against dry eyes. In the pharmacy, there are drops and gels with special active ingredients for this purpose. They form a thin film on the surface of the eye and help with dry eyes. Artificial tears will also have a mucosal protective effect. Who often uses artificial tears, can buy so-called single time doses. Unlike that in the larger bottle of eyedrops the eye drops in small plastic containers contain no preservatives and are thus easier to digest. Even in permanent use, artificial tears do no harm the eyes. In particular, the eyes will not According to them “addictive”. Natural tears production is not reduced by the artificial tears. Help artificial tears for dry eyes and not to aggravate the problem.