Richard Years Sensor System

Sensor system for carrier status monitoring of roof constructions warns wood and steel when overloaded by Hall roofs Wilhelmshaven, the heavy snowfall of this winter led to collapse of Hall roofs in Germany February 10, 2010 again. In the sauerland Attendorn and Hamburg rooftops from corporate halls could no longer be able to carry the large snow load. The snow become tons heavy rain brought down a warehouse in the town of Amberg the. And who does not remember the accident from Bad Reichenhall: fifteen people died when there in early 2006 collapsed the roof of the ice rink under the masses of snow. The Richard years GmbH is now launching an innovative sensor system for permanent monitoring of roof constructions of wood and steel on the market.

With this compact and unique in its form (TZu) carrier State monitoring system you can prevent collapses of roofs. The sensitive sensor system converts mechanical stress into electrical signals and immediately warns if a previously defined value/weight is exceeded due to adverse weather conditions or material weakness -. This reliable and equally economic early warning system from the House of years offers decisive advantages: current data on the State of the carrier of a roof are available at any time. When a border State is reached or in the event of an overload can be traded immediately. All relevant data is continuously documented and stored. In addition: for the regular official inspections by structural engineers, surveyors and valuers reduces costs considerably, because you can extend the control intervals. For operators of halls is a further tangible benefit.

Thanks to the present in real-time and accurate data, they are usually costly remedial measures targeted to plan. The system developed by the Richard years GmbH is a product”made in Germany. Cooperation partner Siemens is the prerequisites for the data processing.