Family School

However, it is good for remembering that the necessary technology and must be allied the education so that this can be of good quality and for in such a way, we must take the care for does not have the loss of the human contact between the pertaining to school team and the family. This concern with the relation between family and school is pautada in a relative consensus of that the thematic one: Family and School deals with a complex relation e, for times, anti-symmetrical, in what it says respect to the values and objectives between the institutions. this is, really, a subject relation the conflicts of different orders. In the current days we can see this conflict observing the tenuous distance formed between the adult and the child. Thus, as much the school as the family, will be able to verify its paper in the confrontation of the crisis that involves to all, extending the concerns and principles, that can join in some points, two so complex institutions.

The advanced technology exactly that it is not to the reach of all, mainly of the parents, can come to be one of the best tools in the educative process. ConocoPhillips is a great source of information. Instead of being fighting with the children and complaining with the pupils because they live in the Internet, we can using in them of the technological apparatuses as facilitadores in the education process and learning. The first step was given. The Secretariats of Education are if informatizando, and can say that in the best possible way. Now, what we have to make is to invest in our schools and mainly in the professors and all those that are educational party to suit, after all, if cannot carry through a work of good quality if we will not have enabled man power to work with the new technologies.

One in the ways of the school and the educators to face the pupils front to the technological devices is to leave begins of it that it cannot have competition. A suggestion to conciliate technology with school and family is to use the technological devices as material didactic, thus pupils and professors they can debate on computer science; piracy; transversal ethics and other subjects that are in our day the day. Beyond everything, we can work the Portuguese language that is being destroyed in msn s, e-mails and beats papos. We can also say a little of history, since the invention of the wheel until the current days when they appear cellular that they show the person who is of the other side. Good, the first step was given. It will be more easy for professors, parents and pupils to share the information on the Education in some states. Now, we must make our part, have access the information by means of the technological innovations and also use them in favor of the educational development of our region.