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Such good friends later. In this post I’ve took place and in which they promised to use a new way of presenting the information, and that was the main reason so later me a little, the topic How to connect a computer, installation of a computer, connect a computer, instructions for connecting a computer, manual for connecting a computer, steps to connect a computerinstallation of a computer, procedure for connecting a computer, how to connect a computer, manual to install a computer on a computer connection desk and lap phew guide or as you want to call it is a little long, but finally it is ready. In this post I present below I show all possibilities of connecting computer devices as a guide where you will learn the technical names, the cables used for this purpose, the connection guide one by one. Possibilities of connecting devices are many; new devices emerge like the form of communication between the computer and the same device, some ports lose ground before the arrival of the new more speed and ease;adapters, cards, cables, and an endless number of ways of how to carry out this communication and connection. It is important because it proves us more easy if you know the name of the port on which we are going to connect and the device can acquire the corresponding cable, a converter or a connector if guide of connection of a computer type desktop PC or Lap Top for is the case, that trafficking in this post this I wanted using a web site that has an application that enables you to develop presentations in a very particular way and to be honest not the domino still and but per attempt and feel like I not stopped so I hope enjoy and will be very useful this 95% finished 5% remaining are details and other points that I would like to add; Even so I invite you to see it and give me your opinion, on the other hand try to place a PPT presentation as the previous ones on the topic for that which can not be reproduced in some computers, although I think not You will have no problem to open the link to here below I leave. Again thank you for your time and visit my blog to this. Ah the web page where the application is located I forgot is called. prezi..