The Business Relationship

You can not simply think that customers and suppliers “accompany” the company under any circumstances and who know how to justify our shortcomings based on the number of years of business relationship. It is unthinkable that the bank manager to give us the credit we need because the company is composed of “good working people.” o It is often confused means with ends, for example, the level of Billing is one of the media, and only one, to achieve profitability. But as mentioned before, many times to increase the turnover (the middle) resigned return (to) via discounts, promotions, etc.. If you would like to know more about Eliot Horowitz, then click here. or give too generous collection periods or directly sell to customers of dubious reputation. o not consider the hidden costs of maintaining a certain level of activity without the appropriate level of management quality. From the perspective of SME entrepreneurs seem that the only consequences of raising the level of activity would be to raise the level of income.

Virtually never discussed and weighted the negative consequences of this decision in terms of increased costs and efforts that are under the company’s assets. Keep an excessive level of activity for an extended period can pose a serious risk to our future production capacity if the machinery, for example, are not ready. o There is a realistic view of the market served and the possibilities of enterprise to pay competitively, thus, often, with “good intention” of selling to all customers are not aware that we do not have the necessary resources (working capital) and therefore it is normal for all customers feel dissatisfied and with a very high level of dissatisfaction..