German Red Bull

The German pilot thinks that his rivals for the world believed that Red Bull were going to waste any more time with the prohibition of the FIA of the engine map change. Vettel achieved his seventh pole in eight races and Webber will be second in Valencia. Sebastian Vettel, German Red Bull driver, has excelled in the official press conference of the FIA that the rest thought that Red Bull would lose more with the ban on the map change engine between the qualifying session and the race, something before what has shown his disagreement. There were many comments before this race and will have them before Silverstone (stage of the Grand Prix of Great Britain), but everybody has lost something, has confirmed the German, who has considered that it was hard to get a perfect lap. The Valencian circuit is a street circuit but with straight lines long and will be important to have a large distance or much approaching the car front to try to get ahead, because in two areas of DRS (Mobile Wing) there are two hard braking. We need a good start to see the strategy, which will be interesting. Between the hard and soft tyres there one second and middle of difference, for example, highlighted source of the news: Vettel: “Thought that the engine map we would lose more”