San Vicente

All are located around the pool, thermal and sulphurous baths and an area dedicated to massages using medicinal mud. It is common to see and hear the singing of the birds and the murmur of the wind in the trees. If what is characteristic in the Vinales Valley is to observe the combination of the action of man and nature; in the San Vicente nature has a leading role. From hotel it is easy to travel the distance of the cave known as Cueva del Indio, where you can enjoy a boat ride on a river that flows inside and visit tourist resorts built in some of the caves of the mogotes next to the hotel. The communication between the two valleys is very easy. Many prefer to make the journey between both on foot or by bicycle. Others use a transport that makes daily trips between Vinales and San Vicente, which in addition to enable rapid communication between both places, gives the possibility to stop and walk small sections and take on the next trip. Thanks to this it is possible to take photos of places according to the interest of the traveller without having to stop the vehicle.

Another advantage is that they can use it throughout the day and take it in any part of the route and pay it only once. You already know where to stay. And what to do in Vinales? We recommend you read our next recommendation. Original author and source of the article.