Hella Donna Rocks With Second Album Different Faces

\”News from the brand new album Hella Donna different faces\” the Saxon rock band Hella Donna appeared on 10 July and offers a taste of the upcoming live tour across the Republic. \”\” Two years after the success of the debut come on \”the Plauen band Hella Donna now released the famous difficult ‘ second album. \”But with different faces\” the band to front wife and singer Cindy Lal runs no risk of lagging behind their achievements to date. Usual powerful, the Saxons also on their new CD play a sympathetic guitar-dominated pop-rock. Produced by Sven Hessel, the Repertoire of rousing rock force numbers about Groovy pop songs moves up to soulful ballads. Lyrically, it’s like in the title of good things\”to the good things of life, but particularly of course for the love. \”The album includes twelve new songs as well as a bonus the video of the first single Only You\”, which in June in the PRO7-show Germany’s next show stars was presented.

More TV appearances are in the pipeline. After in 2007, in which Hella Donna was also international reputation, the band that paused their massive presence to give Cindy Lal the opportunity to bring their daughter to the world. But now, the four musicians go back: following the release of the new album, Hella Donna embarks on an extended concert tour, which will bring them in over 50 locations in Germany. In addition, Hella Donna is the official World Cup strap of the Watch World Cup 2009 and takes place in August in front of about 10,000 spectators in food. Another highlight will be community party the appearance to the JUMP on July 25 in the city of Steel Ferropolis’ in Grafenhainichen be. The two trendy brands Ed Hardy beer and evil energy are here always to start and support the band by means of flyers action in selected clubs and at sporting events in a Germany-wide campaign for the album and the concerts.