Fashion Insider Magazine

Without Botox facelift on the fashion Insider magazine Berlin, may 01, 2010 – fashion insider, one of the leading online fashion magazine in Germany is presented in a completely new and modern garb. The fashion Insider magazine is known for his daily articles on fashion, lifestyle and beauty the new design offers a clear overview of the various topics and offers more space for more elaborate photo spreads and designer portraits. The magazine is sure to explain the facts crisp to its visitors and to indicate new trends. The clear structure of the new design, the comprehensive information to be now even faster and more convenient to reach, so that the visitor gets to read also that what really interests him. With the new design and our new features, such as the editorial videos and the seamless integration of Facebook, we the fashion Insider further revalue magazine.

The optical redesign is the beginning of an initiative to the fashion Insider magazine in the future in the premium segment of the Fashion blogs and online magazines in the first row to place. For the next few months we will introduce more new features for our readers and partners in the world of fashion”, so Daniel Klarkowski, editor-in-Chief of the fashion Insider magazine. The story of fashion insiders began magazine 2008 with some few articles and classic one-man show. Meanwhile, a team of four editors published the magazine with more than a hundred new articles a month. No wonder that the magazine attracts monthly more than 30,000 visitors, of whom many regularly visit the site all without marketing budget.

On Twitter, the fashion Insider is one of the most influential media in the fashion field. Over 2,600 readers can learn about new articles currently using Twitter in the form of short message. The editors of fashion insiders it is clear that both online as offline there many magazines that discuss similar topics. We want to be a focal point for all, no matter what style they have. Also you can Lifestyle, fashion and beauty topics just don’t divide, but needs the necessary sensitivity, equally across all three elements. We have found this balance and these enormous numbers of visitors are the thanks for that “, so an editor. To reach the fashion Insider magazine about but also via Twitter and Facebook, to read the latest reports. Nina Schramm; ACE venture GmbH