It Brings Life To Your Emails

When one communicates with other people through speech transmitted information, feelings, energy and makes the words live and thus better understands the message; In addition makes people will further recall information that we are giving you. The email does not have to be a letter extended and cold without that nobody can have feelings when you read your messages by e-mail. Nor should be aggregated information without have a conversation, a dialogue with your subscriber looks at what happens in a conversation between two people: body language (posture of the body, gestures, looks, hand movements) absorbs 55% of what communication in general, 38% is environment (what is the tone of voice we use to talk) and only 7% is the message (the words that we use to communicate). When we write also we can recreate those tones of voice and add body language and gestures, using bold, dots, commas, three dots etc., etc, takes into account these elements when you write your emails and you’ll see how live your words. Here I give an idea as you can do it: If you want your voice to be high in certain part of message uses the shift to attract his attention. To whisper a secret written be it between parentheses, (if you do not want anyone else to know). Well listen to this part. In the event you wish to draw the attention of the person call it by its name using quotation marks.

When you try that you remember something very important only it stresses that word bold. If you want to generate anxiety in the person? ! Uses question marks and exclamation marks, signs (in some cases you can use them as a whole). There are times that you want to make a pause, so the person consider three points also are good for this, and more you realize? If you can write in the same way that you speak, the emails will no longer be only written words, but that you will manage to persuade your prospects to take action that you want. #TIP I give you is that when you send your next email to your list of subscribers you do talking, do not you imagine the scope you will have? Original author and source of the article