International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn: Ticket Sales From 1 August

The presale for the final of the 5th international telecom competition Bonn starts tickets for the welcome concert on December 5 and the final on December 14 on August 1. After three rounds of the competition, the final will take place on December 14th at 7: 00 in the Beethovenhalle. The three remaining contestants then play one of Beethoven’s piano concertos No. 1-5 or his Violin Concerto in the version for piano, accompanied by the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn under the direction of guest conductor of Olari ELTs. Tickets are available at Bonn ticket at or by phone at 0228 – 502010 as well as at all ticket offices in Bonn and the surrounding area. The cards cost 29, 22 and 15 euro, reduced 15.50, 11 and 7.50 euros, plus 10 percent booking fee.

Also for the welcome on December 5 at 20: 00 at the headquarters of the Deutsche Telekom uniformly 9 euro cards are concert from August 1 (reduced 4.50) plus presale fee on sale. The welcome evening the 28 participants in the competition imagine to 2013, on the other hand is the winner of the international telecom competition Bonn 2007, Ian Yungwook Yoo, a concert. The recital with works by Beethoven and Liszt is a charity concert, the proceeds accruing to a project of the musical work of the young. On 6 December to three finalists of the international telecom competition Bonn 2013 are selected in three rounds of the 28 participants, then to the prize money of 10,000 euro (3rd place), 20,000 euros (2nd place) and 30,000 euro (1 square) fight. In addition are an audience award, a special chamber music and a Beethoven House Prize awarded for the audience favorites of the 2nd round. Ludwig van Beethoven’s uvre is at the heart of the program to students. Each round used his work in relation to a period: Baroque, German romanticism and classical modernism.

The eleven female and 17 male participants are between 20 and 32 years old and come from 13 Nations. It is during their competition with host families in Bonn. Still, families are looking for, want to record a participant; urgent requirement is that they have a piano. Bonner, who gladly would take a young pianist with from 5 to 15 December, register 10 please contact Milena Fey 0228-181 11 181 or 0228-20 3-56 or press contacts: Silke Neubarth,, Beethoven Festival in Bonn, Tel.: 0228 / 20 10 340, Deutsche Telekom AG, Rene Bresgen,, Tel.: 0228 / 181-4949