Save Instead Prassen: Savings Potential At The Wedding

Valuable tips, are the most beautiful day in life not to afford to let Haar near Munich on August 1, 2013. Each bride and groom during the wedding planning strives for the perfect day. Satisfied guests, good food, the right location and of course the perfect wedding dress. “The average German couple spends for a wedding including honeymoon, an average of 13 000”, explained Nawal man, Managing Director of the wedding Portal An unforgettable wedding does not automatically defines a large budget! Where brides and grooms keep in mind a few little tips, the wedding must not financially escalate.

Planning the bridal couple is half the battle a budget should set themselves in advance, to avoid negative surprises, and to keep the costs from the outset in the overview. It is important that the wedding is a round total package and finds himself in the bride and groom. Variety of offers can be obtained through early planning, because the comparison of Preis-Leistungs-Verhaltnissen worth itself in any case. Many venues and service providers that are increasingly busy weekends, offer cheaper on weekdays, especially on Fridays, at. Feasting without financial regret a marriage supper must be not from caviar and salmon.

At this point, cost can be saved by an appealing buffet with regional food. In many regions, even housewives catering associations are offered. The catering is handled by housewives and get good quality at favourable conditions. Main thing that tastes of the guests and the mood is boisterous. Much money can be saved at the cake buffet, if some wedding guests bake. Just aunts and distant relatives who were not involved in the wedding planning, forward often, to make a contribution to the celebration with a delicious cake. Small tips to great effect decorative elements easily and without much money myself tinker the flower decoration of the seasonal offer depending on invitations and thank you cards even make make the guest list on the most important guests and closest friends reduce reduced perceive offers and bargain collect limited selection of alcoholic beverages “Sale” as a good opportunity to get great products at a low price the conclusion by Sylke buffet as a lower-cost alternative to lush menu orders man: “costs can be reduced through simple means and a well structured planning and the bride and groom must make still no Abstiche for the personal dream wedding.”