Internet Minutes

Methods and means to be observed better in 1:30 minutes. If writing and not advertise to the own core competence, then you should be better someone consult an advisory capacity. In the saved time to improve his own expertise. For all you self to the advertise and inform dare to give you here a few useful corner points. We live in the age of communication as you know. The amount of information, resources and methods is increasing exponentially. Therefore, we have less and less time to read all of our analog and digital information and to create for others.

The paperless office seems further away than ever. Of course, we use the spam filter and the trash more often. What is really important? A question of self-defense! Therefore, our mouse finger twitching us while surfing after approx. 0:30-1:30 minutes attention! Elder, of 50 years, can be even more time – if the topic is important! Younger, on this side of 30 years, are multiple experienced communicators: mass before class. Company employees behave differently than Private persons.

Offline readers can bring out a promotion a second time. While surfing, an address is forgotten quickly, via a link. After approx. 2-3 minutes waiting most change the homepage when they can see clearly the purpose until then. Keep your analog and digital information booth this time pressure? Are you good enough? Or is stained on your site just about? But how must information be so that they be observed? Content and form must be brain friendly service and interest! Data > information must satisfy a need or a benefit! Can do this the reader must seconds quickly capture it with all your senses and understand: reading is only a means to an end. Advertising should stimulate the reader to recommend: Word of mouth. Communication needs to support the daily work flow: short, clear, concise advertising must be authentic, honest and emotionalisierend be! Review: In the Internet there are oriented and self-promoter: the first is (too) brief,.