Internet System

Certified computer experts help almost around the clock now Germany’s first interactive helpline for computer and software problems of any kind is getting started. Sitting in front of your computer in the Office or at home and no longer know when an application or a problem! Of course, you can time consuming research the problem on the Internet or enter in any forums, and hope that someone will answer! If it not as pleasant, just might call a competent computer experts, who usually shows you via remote access on your own system, within a few minutes as your problem can be solved as if he would be sitting right next to you? To the beginning of the year, we created a new interactive platform that allows just that. Initially, the relevant experts and experts for hardware, software, and application problems of any kind is provided to over 90 subjects. The creator Frank Salesi is even computer trainer and has in recent years met the problems of users and analyzed. These new platform called will be in the future also in several languages such as English, Turkish, Russian and Italian available, so also foreign citizens in your mother tongue can help. The support should receive immediate attention also outside the regular service hours such as weekends and evenings. This is due to a pool of experts assured, in which freelance experts after an aptitude test at any time on the system, or log off and provide assistance with a telephone or Internet connection from any location in Germany. This ensures attractive revenue the experts and can be done part-time. The support has no additional costs and obligations on the fair and up-to-the-minute accounting about the phone bill. A rating system ensures that always the best evaluated computer experts from the system are prioritized and the seeking help available.