Interview With Hector Rojo

– First of all congratulations on that makes us internationally, as is in the final award 2009 music awards. Tell us. So, after getting the Music Award represent Spain in Spain losLos award 2009 music awards which take place next November 6 in Miami (USA) together with representatives from 13 other countries. – And after much struggle and work finally comes to light his first work, yielding very good results. ySatisfecho? The whole team is extremely happy, and I, obviously, too. There have been many hours of dedication where the hours were accumulating. It was especially nice to see birth and grow this project, I will be forever grateful to propel Management Productions, my company.

– On this record, we could say, a work that leaves more than satisfied the one who listens. Topics in this time we do put a good face on bad weather. I expected this positive result? The songs primarily looking for people to identify with them, try to make the repertoire was special: it had much power to direct, he reached the hearts of the people and as you say there is much positive in the disc, the same one that started this project, the same as that recorded video clips in Cuba of the labor Rubendario and the same we had during the recording of the disc and Mar de Pablos in Madrid Miglin Max. We are very pleased with the result and the host of the public. – Inside of me was the first single, which won first positions.