IP Security Automation

Ingenia is a manufacturer of systems for the authentication and verification of paper -, plastic – and metal structures used in documents, ID cards and product packaging. Ingenia Technology Limited (ITL) was founded in 2003 and is a manufacturer of systems for the authentication and verification of paper -, plastic – and metal structures used in documents, ID cards and product packaging. Ingenia’s new and innovative identification technology generates the unique fingerprint of a material structure. Request and solution Ingenia contacted Amplicon late 2009 looking for a partner who is capable of a complete system consisting of preconfigured customer-specific hardware and additional components, based on the powerful and robust industry-PC’s to design. Amplicon offers this “integration services” for the creation of complete systems. The “integration services” ensures on the one hand, that all the components, the customer-specific hardware, working together and on the other hand, the customer receives a fully tested system with the default: switch ON and GO! The Amplicon integrated custom identification technology, cable management and the safety button control box engineers, industry-proven 19 “cabinets of Schroff GmbH. The necessary computing power 3 “high-performance industrial PCs of Ventrix guarantee 4000 series with Intel quad core processors.

The industrial computer of Ventrix 4000 series equipped with single board CPU cards and ensures not only 24/7-stability, but on the basis of Intel roadmap processors also long term availability necessary in the industry. As man-machine interface the Amplicon engineers opted for the KwikDraw 19 “-slots.” The KwikDraw make bays with an overall height of only 1U high quality industrial keyboard with touchpad and 19 “-Farbbildschirmen available. The engineers in accordance with the requirements of the customer developed the integrated “high speed” network security. The integrated network technology offers the highest data transfer, redundant ring technology, virtual LAN infrastructure, and a 3-layer switch for a simple and hassle-free customer network integration. Result to ensure Amplicon was able to realize the project in the given narrow time frame was put together a team of engineers. The competent project manager supervised and co-ordinated every step of the development process. The customer could continuously support the development process and with the necessary testing successfully completed it.

Ingenia was pleased to realize customized complete solution including the integration of customer-specific hardware with Amplicon’s skills in a very short time. Why Amplicon? Amplicon was selected for this project on the basis of ability, a complete and customized solution with the flexibility and willingness to integrate to develop customer-specific hardware and all of this at competitive conditions. Dr. Simon Buhlmann by Ingenia commented: “the engineering team of Amplicon produced a positive Contribution to the implementation of the new system of Ingenia”. Amplicon has an exceptional experience of 35 years in sales and manufacturing of products and systems in all areas of industrial application. Amplicon (BS EN ISO 9001:2008) is a leading manufacturer of industrial computers and embedded PCs for all use cases. Amplicon offers customized designs and production to best meet of your requirements as well as a comprehensive range of standard systems. For the realization of complete solutions Amplicons product range offers a variety of components in addition for the areas industrial computer (IPC), network communication, measurement technology and IP Security Automation. Further details are available in the Internet under available.