Battery Systems Service

Maintenance advice and Exchange in the renewal of the batteries of your battery system battery systems batteries getting to your battery system is the “Battery fault” error message to make it advisable a voltage of each battery block. Battery maintenance the battery system voltage measurements must be made according to the specification of the battery manufacturer at certain intervals. Regardless of these requirements it is advisable at least conduct a bi-annual monitoring and logging. The measurement protocol should include battery block number, battery voltage, battery systems total voltage, measuring date and signature of the technician. The completely maintenance-free label which dryfit sealed lead gel, like the sunshine, or lead AGM batteries, such as the Exide AGM does not exclude this check. In addition to the battery voltage measurements we recommend a temperature measurement of the ambient air.

Battery manufacturers request for warranty claims also measurements of the temperature and make only Compliance with the predetermined values replacement. Battery systems in movie theaters, hotels, schools, restaurants and other public facilities with visitor traffic are located mostly in secluded areas, such as on the ground floor and are therefore has forgotten and remembered only to you, a power failure, an other accident or if the TuV is announced. Error messages for time and cost reasons are neglected, can follow the costly have. The power supply of the battery system load the batteries wired in series on the basis of the measured total voltage. Located in this connection a battery block or more with a defective cell, adds up to the wrong voltage. The power supply tries to load up to the final charge voltage of the battery system. The result is an overloading of intact blocks of battery leads to the destruction. Exchange of defective battery packs is it advisable to replace individual battery packs of a battery system depends on the age of the battery packs.

Since the internal resistance of the battery blocks during their time change can occur by inserting a new block of asymmetry. This substitution is made, an increased maintenance is necessary. In case of a voltage measurement at shorter intervals must be performed for the verification of the voltage adjustment. Christian corner