Istumbler Networks

Wave impedances and excess of connected devices: if the failure is not detected in ' section domstico' she is probable that it is motivated by wave impedances, external as as much own of the home, or by an excess of devices connected to the same network wifi. In the second case it will be enough with extinguishing the possible connected apparatuses and using the signal with equipment in which it is desired to work. Obstacles: the lack of power in the signal can be due to the point where router is located emitting and the team of the user. According to the type of wireless connection, the voluminous walls, doors and objects debilitate the signal. In order to confirm this cause, it is enough with testing with located equipment more close possible of emitting router. It does not agree to place router near a window, before the risk of which the signal to disper itself. An option to solve of simple form the problem of the physical obstacles is to acquire a larger unidirectional antenna, that takes the signal to a rank greater than the antenna of router.

Test of speed: when contracting a service of connection Internet must become a speed trials of this, to verify if the service that we have contracted corresponds with the installed thing in house. Several gratuitous Webs exist that realise test. One, for example, is ' Test of velocidad' . Saturation: The interferences by proximity of other radio networks are one of the majors problems in great cities, since in a home they can be operative more than half hundred of networks wifi that saturate the space and leave little wide for the own signal. The result is wild in the reception of repeated data and fallen fluctuations. Each radio network has a series of connection channels that determine the rank of limited frequencies by which they can emit the signal wifi. By dcto, the models of router available in the market operate within a predetermined channel. This circumstance causes that if a same model in several homes near the address of the user settles, interferences when saturating can be generated all these points of emission the same channel.

In such case, he is advisable to change the predetermined channel of emission. In Spain the numbered channels can be used wifi from the 1 to the 13 and, most logical, it is to try with a margin of five channels above or down. Webs of aid: in several pages Web, like and, are tutorials and manuals of aid to accede more to the configuration of routers sold by main operators of telecommunications. Once in the administration page, it is acceded to the wireless configuration and a channel different from the original one is chosen. Programs: for Mac OS X, the Istumbler application allows to find radio networks and to know the emission channel by which they emit. In Windows, Inssider is an application to look for radio networks and to control by means of simple graphical surroundings the intensity of the signal of each of these networks, along with engineering datas like the channel in which they operate, the type of network and the levels of security. Source of the news: How to solve to the loss of connection wifi: remedies for several causes