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by the SRH University for logistics and economy Hamm In the part of the welcome of the first semester of the current winter semester were now College Hamm did two doctors on the SRH teachers earned in recent years to the SRH University Hamm, on decision of the Tribunal of the SRH awarded the Honorary Professorship University Hamm: World hazardous goods officer of Schenker AG in Essen is Mr. Prof. Dr. Norbert Muller and Prof. Dr. Lutz building bar is coordinator of the SRH teaching and Fernlehrender on the site Leipzig. Prof. Dr.

Joachim Opitz, Rector of the SRH University Hamm, conducted the ceremony and praised the two professors as a very experienced colleagues and enrichment for the College. “Both have for many years contributed, that the SRH University so is Hamm, as it is now: practical and successful.” Prof. Dr. Norbert Muller teaches at the SRH Hamm since year 2008″the dangerous goods logistics specialist. For more than 25 years, he passes on his dangerous good logistics expertise to lectures, seminars and lectures and contributes to valuable contribution for greater safety in the transport of dangerous goods and the storage of dangerous substances. Already in 1997 had the lower Rhine Chamber of industry and trade Duisburg-Wesel-Kleve to Duisburg to the transport of dangerous goods and storage experts publicly appointed and sworn in. By awarding the Honorary Professor his excellence in professional practice in the application were appreciated now scientific knowledge and methods.

Prof. Dr. Lutz building bar is self-employed, freelance experts and environmental auditors. In addition, he acts as a freelance lecturer and others at the Chamber of Commerce in the ecology management, is a member of the Audit Committee economists and for technical economists and the Academy for construction, engineering and economics teachers for physics, mathematics, statistics and computer science. 2006 Prof. building bar took over his teaching on the SRH University of Logistics Economics and Hamm in the subjects of physics, computer science, supply and disposal logistics, as well as Information systems. Since 2013 he teaches United States of Mexico, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and India to Jakarta, Indonesia also online lectures, so-called webinars by Hamm or Leipzig from students between Los Angelos, around the world.