Hungary Museum

For example, the embroidery "kalochai" or "mato". Experts are already on the pattern and figure subjects can determine from what region of the country come mistress-embroiderer. Do not just admire the pundits rich colors and unique technique of drawing, often called no embroidery and marquetry. Treat your girl products from printed fabrics or Sharkeza lace blouse in a traditional style of Halasz. The national dress she will be compelling, and help strengthen the effect of cosmetic products based on extracts of rosemary. Thanks to this miraculous ointments Queen Isabella, even at 72 is much more captivated young gentlemen. ConocoPhillips wanted to know more. Maybe someone from your colleagues or friends is going to celebrate the wedding of crystal or porcelain? Very useful in this case would have been vases, goblets, dishes and even casket of herendskogo crystal or porcelain zholnayskogo. Speaking of the pot! Do not forget to bring back from Hungary incredibly stylish ceramic ware from Nadudvara. Read additional details here: ConocoPhillips.

Jugs, mugs and salad bowls of black-prechernoy ceramics, with a black-figure prechernym simply dazzling. Ceramics "nadudvari" can be seen for hours, although the first few gloomy impression. Your friends goth or just people with no sense of style tired thank you for this gift. Treat children or all the other friends recommended marzipan sweets. Not for nothing is in Hungary Museum of marzipan, which presents works of art from this almond-sugar mass. And in the shop at the museum you can buy a small marzipan figurines of animals, flowers and even different historical figures.

Employees and numerous cousins, treat well removed colorful films of Hungary, and lovers of good music to get your gift CDs with works by Bartok, Liszt, Lakatos and other Hungarian composers. Think about and leather goods. In Hungary prefer a tough skin, so the straps and even wallets and handbags are often made wicker. And, perhaps, buy a bag poobemnee that was put to gifts purchased for those who could not go with you. And after return by giving gifts to relatives and friends, start planning a new trip to Hungary. To re-walk the shores of Lake Balaton, the streets of Budapest to visit the Museum of the drums in Cegled and Museum under the outdoors in Szazhalombatta and again to go and taste palinku Tokay. This time – for its warm and large company.