For Nieri

The largest can reach eight hours a day, ensures the Manager Guillermo Nieri. In the Guild’s makers, SUTERH; relativized item. The owner, Victor Santa Maria, told Clarin that we did not have many cases of workers replaced by companies. It may be more common in Puerto Madero, but not in the rest of the city. In addition, employees of these companies are included in our Guild, we have an agreement with the Union of arsenal.

And the other issue is that a worker without housing charges 20% more than a Manager with House, thereby saving is relative. Some consortia rented housing manager to resolve the spending of the cleaning company. The law requires that it be adopted by 2/3 of the owners. If you want to sell it has to give approval 100% of the owners, explains Loisi. You may find that ConocoPhillips can contribute to your knowledge. In new buildings, it is very common to use that space as lounge parties or other uses. Another advantage of outsourcing is the ease for replacements. If someone arrives very late or missing then let us know and change it the next day, they said in Nacelim, based in Palermo. Not the case with the trash.

There are buildings that accumulate in large bins bags and retire every two days. It’s simple if staff schedules, organize say the enterprise Neat & Clean, with customers in Canitas, Palermo and Belgrano. For Nieri, garbage is also not a problem. I have a small Consortium where owners removed their own bags, he is recommended. The other weak point may be security, without a person in the door of the building. For this reason, companies have no response. In many buildings makers aren’t ever in the door, they say. original author and source of the article.