Unified Field Theory

Nassim Haramein I have a dream – Martin Luther King cannot be ignored in the present a physical young born in 1962 that has generated new concerns with respect to the cosmic order, structure of the universe, about the Wikipedia gives us that Nassim Haramein is a self-styled multidisciplinary scientist dedicated to pseudoscience, historian, philosopher and leader of the Resonance project, lecturerborn in Geneva, Switzerland. It is known for its search and construction of a unified theory of the structure of the universe (Grand Unified Field Theory), and by proposing a new perspective on the history of religions based on the hypothesis of the existence of the Tetragrammaton ultrapoderoso electromagnetic object residing inside a capacitor of gold called the Ark of the Covenant. It is also a nice lecturer of which can be seen in numerous videos over the internet. basically says Haramein, which we see the expression of expansion in the universe, which is the irradiation of Yang but shrinkage or absorption of Yin that happens going back to the singularity that we call the vacuum does not see, is as a point of stillness and silence that we have not yet noticed that it also is moving inward, toward the singularity, and demonstrates that we never got there, and everything is breathing cosmic exhalation and inhalation cosmic. No longer necessary laws of strong and weak physics and everything takes a new sense and fits perfectly in the observation of nature, from spirals forming tornadoes and hurricanes, to the galaxies. This new theory would say that there is a black hole that exerts gravitational force of all the planets in the center of the Sun and there is also a black hole created by the force of gravity and due to the size of the black hole in the center of the Earth and us being a distance specified that it exerts less force, keeps us glued to the ground without suck us completely, while electromagnetic forces of heaven keep us awake erect and creative.