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Today, read a note that 'a popular file hosting service RapidShare started to close the accounts of users who download and spread illegal content. Recently Cross River Bank sought to clarify these questions. Strengthening the fight against violators of the result of pressure a service of the copyright owners' (tsitita). Someone regrets that the service may die due to the fact that it will lose a lot of users. And my opinion – everything is changing, and civilization must touch and the Internet. Very difficult for many users to break their Runet psychology – we want everything and on the ball. But it should not be. Everything has a price, including intellectual work. And it is quite normal that the authors of books, software software and other intellectual property rights go to court with claims against the Rapida.

Here I have somehow itself a question: 'Why are our people poor? " It is not because he had nothing to pay. And because we are not accustomed to pay. Not used to paying – so do not appreciate, well, just not in a position to appreciate the work of others. Do not appreciate someone else's – can not appreciate and own. Closed circuit. How to break it? In my opinion, you should start with yourself. Only when you consciously pay for information, for knowledge, for opportunities, you start to appreciate the results of their labor. Only in this case you are without a doubt and shame can appoint his own worth.

And the more you put yourself in, the more you may appreciate themselves, their knowledge, their work. And that gift is given – come for free. That is the law of the universe: for which he received for being and should pay. Got on the ball – on the ball and you give. And if you live Sharoi, then why do you want money? Very interesting law. If you give away money – money to be returned to you. Gives nothing – nothing and no returns. So whether depressed over the fact that Rapidovskaya Bowl can quietly pass away? I think it is not necessary. Anyone who enjoyed it, and continues use, will not lose anything. Why nuzhet this cycle, which is not good? In reality, the world is useless and even harmful – in fact it does not encourage people to develop, does not motivate the actions that result in creates a new product, new wealth. If you try to draw the line in order to determine whether the poor differ from the rich and vice versa, it is possible to identify a pattern: the rich are used to paying, so for their services for the goods shall appoint a decent price, poor pay are not used, so their work can not adequately assess – they are ashamed, they are afraid that they will not pay because they feel that they are asking a lot. Want to be a Rich? Forget about the ball. Begin to pay! For all: The information in the book, for training, for seminars, for the software! Only then will realize that the results of your work and should be duly appreciated. And not to fear that for your work will not give as much as ask, do not look for its clients among freeloaders. You can worthy to evaluate only those who can appreciate his work. My verdict: all such services ball, all sorts of warez and torrents have to time to die. We must learn to pay. And then we will have more chances to become rich. Alexander Manannikov Internet business, from zero to the heights of success