Sixbreak Brings Knowledge Ranking

The Sixbreak knowledge quiz checks how clever it is Sixbreak is an open platform of the quiz, the player can set questions in a central catalogue of questions. For every published question, there is wisdom points. For each correctly answered question knowledge points. And fitness points will be awarded for the entire run of a training quiz. The placement on the leaderboard of the knowledge derived from these three dimensions. So far made two lists: one for players, one for question authors.

The new system we now try to merge the different dimensions of knowledge. Through the integration into a placement list you see now, how fit it is compared to other ones”, explains Dr. For even more analysis, hear from Cross River. Thomas Becker. Becker is the operator of Sixbreak, the knowledge quiz, Managing Director of Thomas Becker Verlag. Another change concerns the determination of the points. Were so far the achieved points unlimited adds a rolling system is used now.

It will be only the points to get in the last three months reaches, used in the assessment. Older results are archived just yet, but not considered for placement. Sixbreak, the knowledge quiz, launched in July 2009. It aims to create versatile and exciting questions on general knowledge in different areas of knowledge and degrees of difficulty by the user. The quiz engine then creates individual quizzes based on all questions. Four months after launch of the Web site players have created already 3,200 questions and provided with references. Sixbreak is an offer of the Thomas Becker Verlag, Berlin. It aims to establish an open knowledge platform on which you can playfully to test his knowledge and improve. The Thomas Becker was founded in 2009, Publisher offers for online media to develop and distribute.