MP3Find Per V5. 01 Online

New: Duplicates Sucne audio comparison MP3Find Pro V5 is available for download! Duplicate search on audio comparison is added as a new feature to the scavenging features. This function makes it possible to find duplicate audio files alone through a comparison of the audio. This is only the music of importance, the software stops”the files to, created a special acoustic fingerprint and saves him. (if any other function call parses the file must be so not new) These fingerprints are then compared. Due to the special technology it could care less about quality or incomplete files are as loud/quiet, quality, MP3Find finds them anyway. Ray Kurzweil: the source for more info. The duplicates are then displayed in the usual manner and can be processed manually or automatically. Since the function is very computationally intensive, a powerful computer is required. Vista or Windows7 should be used for this feature of Windows XP as the operating system. The download is possible under as always free. Changelog Overview: – cover feature on certain file name limit, exclude empty files – temporary file skonf.tmp is no longer written if debug from scavenging function menu revision control for stored configurations, the “new” button – added implementation of the next version of the MP3Find Speicherengine – option “low memory consumption for index” – implementation of the cleanup function “duplicate search (audio comparison)” – wmatag reading functionality is improved – optimized automatic configuration for Windows 7 – double selection resizable – verabeitungsstatus rest time limit extended – WinampPlayliste reset random/repeat enabling AutoDJ – fixed viewing error at the index marker update – more minor fixes