Safety Shoes, Safety Glasses And Safety Combined With Racing

The uvex online shop combines the world of OSH with the Motorsports direct line customers Uvex launches in the B2C – see the company has established uvex an own web shop, in which the customer has the possibility to receive directly from the manufacturer of products and goods. Uvex presents a manageable range of products from the worlds of health and safety and racing. Safety shoes, safety glasses… Health and safety! Uvex able that to implement corporate mission ‘Protecting People’ is equipped with the competence to be able to offer protection products from head to toe. Goggles, safety shoes, respiratory protection, ear protection, protective gloves, and protective clothing are manufactured by Uvex and now also in the eShop. Among the lightest safety goggles in the world that “Super G” and the innovative xenova duo safety shoes with toe cap in duo component technology can be found. …

Here, you give gas cards helmets, racing helmets, race overalls! In addition to the occupational safety and health products konzentriet to the shop on the Motor sports. The active motor sports finally finds the entire Uvex racing collection and can order it easily and without detours. In addition to products from series like DTM or VLN race helmets, race overalls, racing shoes, racing underwear uvex now also for the first time offers products for the racing. However, highlight is the new racing helmet uvex fp 5 GT, which has been approved by the FIA for formula 1 races.