Pellet Heating System Cost

With the installation of a pellet heating system, heating costs can be reduced. Nowadays, the pellet heating system is an excellent, low-cost heating alternative for everyone. Oil and gas prices rise steadily and vary too greatly. You try getting the “right time” to fit as cheap as possible to order. It costs time and nerves. Prices for wood pellets for a pellet heating system you need, remain relatively constant, since wood is a renewable resource.

Many terrible disasters happened in the promotion and transport of gas and oil, which can harm people, as well as the environment extremely. Wood pellets for the pellet heating system have no way of transport, strengthen the economy, burn CO2 neutral and produce no unpleasant smell. Heating oil tanks must be regularly checked for leaks and maintained, completely eliminated these costs at pellets. Even environmentalists agree that wood pellets have a very good life cycle assessment. It is therefore justified, that the pellet heating system has become increasingly popular in recent years. A pellet heating system consists of approximately the same components as other heaters also.

A storage room is required for the pellets. It is sufficient to completely once in the year 2-5 cm long pellets, which are very compact, with a tanker supply is allowed. The wood pellets with a screw conveyor or a suction system in the Holzpelletkessel will be transported from the camp. The energy costs for this system are minimal. There they are burned and left a little ash, which can be used as fertilizer or disposed of in the normal household waste. The resulting heat is then fed into the heating system and the hot water tank in the combined storage tank. When a pellet heating system, the Holzpelletkessel achieves an efficiency of about 85-95%. However, this may be increased if is coupled to the boiler with a buffer tank, which can absorb energy. You want calculated the calorific value of pellets compared to oil, a time to make accurate comparison between the heating of a pellet heating system and oil heating, you need the current prices for pellets and oil.