Multilingual Product Communication

Language Server provides seamless translation processes and consistent language data Karlovy Vary 10 August 2010. Franke coffee systems among the leading providers of intelligent systems in the field of coffee. International product communication plays a central role. This includes the technical documentation, such as the operating and maintenance instructions. You will be provided with Franke in more than 20 languages. Timely manner to create the records and documents, the Swiss company uses the across language since 2008 Server as a central platform for all language matters. The across language server is made significantly more efficient processes and a simple data management for translation projects. Robin Franke, head of technical documentation at Franke coffee systems, explains that an example: “The necessary translations are available, a manual, which includes approximately 52 pages, can be generated now within 15 minutes.” Another optimization potential in the next step achieved with the introduction of across-tools for translation-oriented authoring.

Review, project launch at Franke coffee systems was the driving force for the introduction of a language technology system the technical editing. Related objectives were establishing a company-wide terminology management, on the other hand more efficient processes in the translation and localization projects. Both should ensure a timely creation of technical information and documentation, in particular the multilingual manuals and instructions. An appropriate technology for this saw the editorial team in the language server. The integrated across solution includes powerful components to the process and workflow control in addition to a translation memory and terminology system. Franke optimized first to have faster time-to-market through more efficient processes to the technical descriptions and documentation in over 20 languages promptly upon completion of the products available Translation processes and workflows. To, for example, Adobe InDesign, which is used for the creation of documentation, manuals and instructions, incorporated directly into the processes. Successively has the technical writers at Franke started the across user circle and adjacent to expand ‘ departments and areas to the language server to connect, such as the localization of the software interfaces and the display of the coffee machines.