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Railway infrastructure manager TP Ferro selects planning tool of TPS by HCon for high speed route between Spain and France rail infrastructure managers TP Ferro selects planning tool of TPS by HCon for high speed route between Spain and France Hanover, June 16, 2010. TP Ferro plans and coordinates its routes in the future with the TPS in the software from the home of HCon. The Spanish French rail infrastructure managers will use the planning tool on the 44 km-long new line through the Pyrenees from Perpignan in France until Figueres in Spain. TP Ferro was founded by the Spanish group ACS and the French construction firm EIFFAGE, which each hold 50 percent of the shares in TP Ferro. The bi-national company is responsible for ensuring that the lines on the Figueres-Perpignan high-speed line without conflict may only be used a core function of the TPS.

The system helps network operators to plan their capacity in accordance with the European regulations of a discriminatory allocation. International Trassenkoordination on planning level with TPS TPS, which already successfully uses the State operator of the French rail network Reseau Ferre de France (RFF), linked for the first time two adjacent operators. “The software made in Hannover” already taken into account in the planning and scheduling the European signalling system ETCS (European train control system) level 2 ETCS is a component of a single European rail traffic management system into the TPS perfectly joins “, explains Claus Muller Haude HCon project manager. Thus, TPS bar contribute to the interoperability of the European railways. National network operators use the Pathfinder’s Web-based platform for coordination and communication by Thurbo in France and Spain. This provides its members a total of 38 RailNetEurope (RNE). The Association of European railway infrastructure operator aims to make international rail traffic more smoothly and efficiently. Here TPS joins seamlessly: with Internet-based communications to Pathfinder, which will ensure that TP Ferro can be optimally integrated in the plan from France and Spain.

Also the local CTC (centralised traffic control) is linked with TPS. HCon is TPS for its new customer TP Ferro bilingual provide, which means: Spanish and French in parallel operation. TP Ferro should receive in addition to TPS for long-term planning also TPS realtime. Thus, the TPS infrastructure manager can employ as scheduling software for very short-term planning. Because the infrastructure of the railway system is accurately pictured in TPS, delays can be calculated very accurately. The advantage: Let by deviations from the planned timetable conflicts in a timely manner and accurately predict. The Planner can rely on different solution scenarios. So TPS realtime helps them optimally, to resolve conflicts. TPS is also called the tunnel condition”keep a security provision, which prohibits it, that is two trains at the same time in same tube stop. Starting in October, TPS in the operation headquarters of TP Ferro should in the vicinity of the Southern French Montesquieu les Alberes at Perpignan will be installed. Follow the training and test operations. In December 2010, the high speed line to be officially opened and then go into operation. Both passenger and freight trains will run on the 44 km long, two-lane route. It is on Spanish and French soil and crosses a 8.2-kilometre tunnel under the Pyrenees.