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Unlocks the eavesdropper! So, the IEM-500 has 16 switchable frequencies in the low-disturbance and registration free UHF range 863-865 MHz. The multifunction transmitter is equipped with UHF-pilot tone technology (PLL) and transmits the signals to any number of receivers with the same carrier frequency. Overall, three systems can be operated parallel and trouble-free. In addition to the frequency group, frequency channel and a lock function, the accidental setting changes to prevent the IEM offers three different operating modes: two-channel Mono, dual-mono and stereo. When operating in dual-mono, an identical Mono signal of mixed instruments can be heard on both sides of the headphones. In contrast, two-channel mono mode offers the chance to hear a different mix in Mono left and right respectively (E.g.

left singing and right guitar). Culminates in the stereo mode, which as usual is again an incoming stereo signal. The stereo-UHF transmitter is equipped with two combo jacks for the input and has back a rubber antenna with TNC connector. The rack installation is no problem thanks to the supplied accessories. This to ensure a trouble-free reception, the antenna can be placed through the supplied extension cable outside of the rack.

In addition, the input signal can be lowered from 0-12 DB. On the receiver, there is a special feature: the HF (high frequency) function here, the high frequencies can be reinforced to ensure an even clearer playback. Also important: The control buttons of the receiver are mounted above the battery compartment and protected against accidental contact by its cover. With an in-ear system, it should arrive on the inner values, but also outwardly the IEM-500 with its mixture of red and black have no place to hide. The system is also completed with a padded carrying case and the detachable rack mounting brackets. Contact: Steinigke Showtechnic Michael dill Andreas-Bauer str.5 97297 forest buttel Banta phone: 0931-4061-517 fax: 0931-4061-720 email: music for the ears. Whether it’s CD player, turntables, microphones, speakers, amplifiers, headphones, radio systems. OMNITRONIC opens the doors in a special world of audio, which really offers everyone a place. The DJ in the club or living up to the singers and musicians on the stage, in the rehearsal room or in private. OMNITRONIC accompanied the respective phase with excellent quality and cutting edge technology.