The small thickness of drywall partitions can not provide the necessary strength and does not cope with the impact on her weight, and collapse. In connection with this opportunity, experts recommend carefully calculate and choose in advance the thickness of the frame and sheet, as well as the type of frame. In order to properly understand exactly what you need drywall and what kind of framework for this drywall, you will need to calculate the load on each square meter of leaf area. In that case, if the load will not exceed 40-50 kg. per sq. km. meter, it will be enough to single-frame sheathed leaves drywall thickness of about 15 mm, but if the design load is greater than 50 kg, the thickness of the plasterboard should be increased to 18mm, but the thickness will withstand only up to 70 kg per square meter. There are situations when the load on the drywall goes up to 150 kg and more.

per square meter, in such a situation, plasterboard partitions erected by a special complex with special extensions for contracting support. You must also add that, that all load calculations should be done in linear meters. In the process of construction drywall partitions can be laid all the hidden wiring. To this end, in the racks need to drill holes through This wire will go across the studs. Then, in the drywall sheets to go through all the necessary holes for switches and sockets. In order to make a normal, smooth appearance, all performed at the edges of the hole should be reinforced, it is necessary to give a certain rigidity, as well as to prevent the further shedding. After installation drywall partitions, you can begin to paint the surface or to pasting her wallpaper. Rather important aspect of drywall is the fact that the frame which is mounted for fastening gypsum boards made of any metal and plasterboard are in turn, fire-resistant material, the way you'll be in full security for the closure of electrical wiring.’>PC Performer brings even more insight to the discussion. It is also necessary to say that the wall of plasterboard breathes very well. The only drawback such barriers is their relatively low moisture, it is therefore absolutely not recommended to make installation of drywall partitions in those areas where there is high humidity.