Useful Programs

Geek Superhero-The program monitors changes in your system and at the slightest suspicious activity alerts you. For example, many malicious programs make changes to system registry – Geek Superhero to tell you about them. Advanced Hide Folders-Targeted for hiding important data from prying eyes BPS Spyware / Adware Remover.-Thanks to her, you can easily detect and eliminate most of the different programs tracking. Smart Data Backuper (SDB)-To ensure maximum protection of data stored on your computer information and to avoid possible loss of data with random failures of hardware and software, as well as user error. Outpost Personal Firewall Pro-Protects against all possible threats on the Internet – reflects the hacker attacks, blocks spyware, prevents sending your private information to remote computers, protects during visits to potentially dangerous web pages and prevents dangerous email attachments, which may be Internet worms, activated for the attack. PestPatrol-Detects and removes various devastating parasites – such as Trojans, tracking program, hacking programs and the like.

FET XP-encryption using public key allows the exchange of information on the Internet, without fear of interception and make izmeneniy.V program provides full function (without the possibility of recovery) to delete files and folders with a variety of carriers. Spybot Search Monitors and Destroy-and correctly removes spyware from your hard drive. Also, Spybot does not allow a Trojan application scan folders from the temporary Internet files and cookies, removing all the extra 'junk' from the hard drive Ad-aware-scans all the software on your PC, find all the 'vermin' and lists the user who has and decides to delete them or not.