REG System

Folder called "Shared files" by default available to all users and appears on the network. However, if this possibility is not needed, you can disable it by setting up a computer as described in the article means. Folder "Shared Files" is system, and to disable its creation, you must delete the corresponding key from the registry Windows. To do this, go to "Start Run" (or "Start Search programs and files" in Vista and "seven"), type the command regedit and run the editor Exports. " In the dialog box "Save as …" Give the file a name (for example, free_folder.REG or more, at your option) and click "OK". Then delete the specified key from the registry. The changes take effect immediately after you close the registry, without reboot the system. Attention! The specified key contains only null values REG_SZ (Default").

If you later want to re-open access to the folder "Shared Files", the remote key can be re-inserted into the registry. For this to be mindful that you change or remove it. Inattention can lead to faulty operating system and as a consequence of the loss of personal data or sensitive information stored on your computer. Do not try to experiment, it is better to ask for help from professionals or follow the instructions written on the authoritative resource on the Internet.