The System

All consumista structure of the current system of things foments the illusion of &#039 large-scale; ' ter' ' for ' ' ser' ' , and to the measure that the individuals if full of merchandises, they go being each time emptier in the existencial direction. The implicit message for backwards of the diverse propagandas of the current system of consumption is of that, if the living creature to consume its infinite merchandises, will thus have found the perfect antidote for its existencial tdio. Such it offers, in the truth, is a decoy, therefore the stratagem of ' ' dream of consumo' ' it only favors the pautados mechanisms of escape in ' ' deslocamentos' ' ' ' projections livres' ' of the neurotizado individual. It is evident that to the will to consume many times it is beyond the rationality. We can say that, in a general way, he is vitiated who it makes the vice and not it vice the vitiated one.

In the diverse vices and crazes of modernity, unconscious projections are hidden that finish for coating, enganosamente, the fabulosas merchandises of the system. Who takes one ' ' bath of loja' ' in badalado shopping it can, in the truth, to be using of this excess of consumption as a way of avoidance not to carry through a reform in its internal world; &#039 is more easy; ' to change of camisa' ' of what to change certain aspects undesirable of the personality. At the same time, to the seen being buying powerful is felt, therefore, desired for the others, thus, it refuses internal feelings of insignificncia and of inferiority, and, to the expenseses of these fantassticos resources, a pleasant one is created recognition illusion. Certainly it was such constatao, that it made Freud to write: ' ' It is impossible to run away to the impression of that the people comumente use false standards of evaluation, that is, of that they search to be able, success and wealth for same them admires and them in the others, subestimando everything what truily it has value in vida' '. (Freud, 1974, p.73) The neurotic tries, for the way of the consumption, to exist and to be accepted as person, therefore its purchases are not utilitarian, but yes a manifestation of the poverty of its internal universe, factor this that constantly compels to appeal to it to the wealth and the opulence of the external world. If what it bought loses its function as symbol of status or investment of its capital, he is despaired e, for times, dumb drastically its aesthetic and enterprise concepts. An authoritarian and invisible conscience compels the neurotic if to adjust to the fashions and crazes passengers, internally creates terrible uncertainties that finish being used for the system as weapons of control and ideological manipulation. Trying to run away from its existenciais doubts, the dominated one finishes for buying ' ' certezas falsas' ' , he takes what it to a gradual process of desumanizao and, finally, the neurotic finishes being ' ' coisificado' ' for the consumption system, becoming in this way, plus a mere merchandise of the capitalist society.