Roofing Decking

ROLE cultural features in the perception of color and linguistics at the culture of different peoples emotional and applied the color perception different, and due to the long historical tradition in the country, society and nation. Hence, different perceptions, for example, white and black (mourning or joy – from culture to culture, religion). Since the specific language and culture is accumulated in a particular historical experience of people of color representation in different people different things. Thus, in Russian, Ukrainian, for example, Polish, there are two separate words blue and light blue. In Unlike many other Germanic languages, in which a range of colors corresponding to part of the spectrum is covered by a single symbol, like English blue (Wed. it. blau and fr. bleu).

A similar system tsvetooboznacheniya blue-and-blue colors accepted in virtually all Slavic languages. This is due to the fact that our ancestors lived and grew as a nation among the brightest of nature by developing agriculture, the early start to lead a sedentary way of life, which was the basis of their own homes surrounded by beautiful scenery. Forests, fields, flowers, rivers, seas, abundance of fruits and vegetables, bright climate – all require their own names and definitions. Related to this is a rich vocabulary of designation of colors among the Slavic peoples. Exactly so long since color had to have a much greater importance than for other nationalities.

Even in the most distant inhabitants of the Ukrainian village tend to decorate the walls of the house, make a bright woodwork every year repaint the old tin roofs. With the development of advanced technologies become available to people Roofing Decking, in particular metal, which in recent years, a real boom. Industrial group "Arsenal" – leader in the production of this material in Ukraine, a separate emphasis on the retail, that is, private developers. Formed a broad sales network in Ukraine: 46 branches and 800 offices.