Biological Development

The biological development is not independent of the social one and this is not separate of the intellectual. In the highest point, all are related. The human being is a unit and nothing it happens separately.

So that if it understands the development in the scope I practise makes if necessary to carry through an integrated reading of its multiple factors, conceiving the human being in its biological, social and affective globalidade. The Psychology of the development studies the human development in all the aspects: motor, intellectual, social and affective physicist, since the birth until the adult age, that is, in the age where if he reaches the maturity in all the aspects. For this reason the psychology of the development has as objective understanding of the evolution of its intelligence, affection and social relationship, of its birth until its death. Having as purpose to discover forms of mensurar, evaluating and to interpret the mental organization. FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE THE DEVELOPMENT HEREDITARY SUCCESSION: the genetic load establishes the potential of the individual, that can or not develop itself; ORGANIC GROWTH: the physical aspect is mentioned to it; MATURITY NEUROFISIOLOGICA: it is what it becomes possible definitive standard of behavior; HALF: it is the set of you influence and ambient stimulations that modify the standards of behavior of the individual. ASPECTS OF THE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT PHYSICAL ENGINE: the organic growth is mentioned to it to the neurofisiolgica maturation, the capacity of manipulation of objects and exercises of the proper body; INTELLECTUAL: it is the thought capacity; AFFECTIVE: he is to feel; SOCIAL: it is the way that the individual reacts ahead of situations that involve other people.