Telephonic Company

The case was so serious that until the used material it was gives to disappear completely. Thus, in protest the inhabitants of Itabaiana demanded that Mr. Deoclides restored the service telephonic, since the city needed the services. Alleging that other cities of lesser importance made use of the telephone, then because Itabaiana could not usufruct of so important vehicle of communication, since it was avultada by other goods of the progress. In this scene the vicar of the city, the priest has basic paper Freitas, who directed the inhabitants end to demand a solution of the proprietor of the Telephonic Company of Sergipe. However, in read documents I did not obtain to find the outcome of the case of the telephone in the city.

Another problem with regard to communication was the case of the postal service. The luggages of the correspondence were not directed directly for the capital, were sent for Laranjeiras, were two days there the wait of the trains to be dispatched the Aracaju, for being deliver for particular, the correspondences were smuggled. Therefore, the delay and the contraband brought damages for the commerce and the proper post office. Claims and order to mount in the city a postal service direct between the capital were registered telling the archaic one benefit. One evidences that the city although to have obtained advances in some sectors, others were completely insufficient to take care of the population, as the illumination that still at this moment was supplied for particular, Mr.

Manoel Vieira Grandson, and moved the vapor come from the firewood, it only functioned during night until the twenty and four hours. According to Mr. Bartolomeu (2003), ' ' the local one was a cotton plant, had an engine there that it generated the light up to twelve hours, who directed this motor one was Z de Nacum. Of half night in ahead the staff to use to advantage restinho of the party it lit the light of caborete, with a bad one I smell, the fire vermelho' ' (PEIXOTO, 10/01/2003).